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Welcome to my He-Man page:

This is a page made to help with the He-Man movement to get the word out that He-Man is back and hopefully to stay.

This is the new 2002 Movie of He-Man as shown on Cartoon network.
(This little video clip does not do the show justice, you need to see it for yourself on TV.  I do not sell the cartoons do not ask!  I'm just a fan that wants to see the toys stay around and the cartoons comeback.)

Mike Young Productions has done a brilliant job of recreating He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon.  I love the way this cartoon looks, I have waited over 20 years to have a cartoon worthy of the He-Man toys, and this is it.  Even if you don't like He-man toys, this cartoon still has great stories and awesome animation. 

The Four Horsemen did a fine job bringing back the figures for a new generation too.

Buy the toys, watch the show, keep He-Man alive!

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